UK Ultraspeed is a proposed new ground transport system,designed to link the major cities of Britain at speeds up to 500 km/h (311mph). Key project information is available here.

UK Ultraspeed uses Transrapid maglev technology, the only ground transport system in the world certified to carry passengers at these speeds.

Update 2013: With High Speed 2, the UK risks spending around £50bn on conventional wheel-on-rail technology, although there is ample evidence that this older and slower technology would have greater capital cost, inferior capacity and city-to-city connectivity, and far less efficient whole-life operating economics than maglev. This website is intended to communicate the benefits which a Faster, Better, Cheaper and Greener maglev system could deliver in the UK, instead of HS2. These benefits remain available, should Government reconsider its technology choice.

UK Ultraspeed. 500 km/h ground transport for Britain.

Enhancing Britain's Environment.

Empowering Britain's Economy.

Transforming Britain's Transport.


The documents and video available for download below make the Ultraspeed transport, commercial, environmental and policy case.

PDF: Factbook (9MB)

PDF: Business Case for London-North England System (2MB)

QuickTime Video: Introduction to UK Ultraspeed (104MB .m4v)

QuickTime Video: The Strategic Case for UK Ultraspeed presented from on board maglev (56MB .m4v)

QuickTime Video: The case for a Stage 1 Glasgow - Edinburgh maglev link (85MB .m4v)

Links to news and media coverage about UK Ultraspeed are here.